By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services

The major serial record additions for the past month were to Academic Search Complete (177 titles), Open Access (147 titles), JSTOR (94 titles), and DragonSource (26 titles). For monographs, the major distributions were to SPIE conference proceedings (645 titles), Classical Music Library (592 titles), Open access (179 titles), Springer (143 titles), CRC Press (128 titles), Wiley (111 titles), and IEEE conference proceedings (102 titles).

 We sent out the first records for Gale’s Twayne’s Authors Series (866 titles). This series provides literary criticism, biographical and historical information, and original commentary on a wide variety of authors and literary works. We also sent out the first serial (9 titles) and monograph (1280 titles) records for the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) resources. ASTM is a Tier 2 resource with the Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, LA, Merced, Santa Barbara, and San Diego Libraries subscribing. Note that SCP will only be cataloging the journals and e-books, the ASTM standards will not be cataloged.

 Until next month …