Technical questions

Where do you inquire about Melvyl technical questions, configuration or customization requests?  Send a message to Your question will be directed to CDL’s WorldCat Local operating team ticketing system and be viewed by the whole technical team.  This ensures that no message will be overlooked, if, for example, it is sent to an individual who may be out of the office.  The question may be answered by CDL staff or OCLC experts can also be brought in depending on the nature of the question.

User experience questions

For content, user interface or other public services concerns, please use the feedback link at the bottom of any of the Melvyl screens. Click on the WorldCat: Feedback link and fill your comments/corrections into the form that appears.

All comments submitted to any version of Melvyl are sent to the CDL for response.   We may direct some requests for bug fixes or further information or explanation to OCLC.

This, and other information, can be found in the Melvyl FAQ.

Thanks for helping us to be more effective in addressing your concerns.