Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

  • WAS 2.0 release of new curator tools. We have decided to release the new curator tools ahead of the other features that were originally included in WAS 2.0 (i.e., migration to Solr and implementation of duplicate reduction). The curator features will include: ability to override robots.txt; new QA reports; additional metadata fields; ‘Related sites’ feature; improved Compare Capture; XML export; and improved ‘Currently Running Reports’ interface. Release date will be announced shortly.
  • WAS videos. SJSU intern Caitlin O’Neal López has completed her internship with us and has delivered six WAS videos. Most of the videos are related to the new WAS 2.0 curator tools so these will be released in conjunction with that release.
  • WAS blogs. Five Things I learned at IIPC, highlights from the International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC); guest post for the SAA Web Archiving Round Table blog, Web Archiving Service (WAS), provides an brief overview of WAS and how it is being used.
  • UC Network Outage. On Tuesday May 21 at 3:00PM (PDT), there was a general UCOP (UC Office of the President) network outage which impacted connectivity for all CDL operations and services including WAS. This outage lasted approximately 1 hour. It did not have any effect on data stored in WAS. We have been in touch with institutions whose crawls were affected. Please contact us at washelp@ucop.edu with any questions or concerns.

New public content

  • UCLA Online Campaign Literature

    In 2012, the UCLA Online Campaign Literature Archive team started using WAS to capture elections for local, state, and federal offices affecting the Los Angeles area, as well ballot measure websites from California state and local Los Angeles area elections. More details, see blog post: http://bit.ly/14AWJGv.

    Available here: http://webarchives.cdlib.org/a/uclacampaignlit.

  • UC Davis Web Archives
    UC Davis Web Archive is a collection over 300 sites from the ucdavis.edu domain. This is a project of the UCD University Archives, started in 2011, to capture the websites of the University’s administration, schools and colleges, academic departments, administrative units, organized research units, intercollegiate athletics, and student organizations.

    Available here: http://webarchives.cdlib.org/a/ucdavis.

WAS Activity, March 2013

  • 101 archives actively collected
  • 1303 sites collected
  • 2.3 TB of data collected

WAS Service Description
The Web Archiving Service (WAS) enables librarians, archivists and researchers to capture, curate and preserve websites and web‐published materials. WAS makes it easy to build web archives, with scheduling and other tools to help manage your archive. You control public access to your archives and can configure the appearance and navigation of each archive. We also provide collection development consultation and help desk support for web archiving questions.

WAS Service Manager
Rosalie Lack, rosalie.lack@ucop.edu or washelp@ucop.edu.

WAS Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars
WAS training materials and guides are available here: http://webarchives.cdlib.org/p/curators.

Service Monitoring and Availability
Check CDL’s system status page at http://www.cdlib.org/contact/system.html.