Folks interested in our online music resources will be pleased to note that SCP sent out 29,313 records for titles in the Naxos Music Library. And because OCLC is now engaged in a concerted effort to catalog the titles in Naxos, SCP will be able to provide records for this collection on a more regular basis. Users of early published resources will be pleased to know that records for the Nineteenth Century Collection Online were also sent out last month. Records for 12,991 monographs and 260 serials were sent to the campuses. This resource complements our ECCO, EEBO, and Early American Imprints digital collections, giving users online access to a vast corpus of early printed materials.

As to other notable distributions, for monographs these include IEEE conference proceedings (543 titles), Springer (364 titles), OECD (160 titles), World Bank (128 titles), SPIE conference proceedings (118 titles), Wiley (82 titles), CRC Press (66 titles), Harvard University Press (62 titles), and Open Access (50 titles). For serials the only other notable distributions were for Open Access (96 titles) and Krager (46 titles).

Until next month …

By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services