By Wendy Parfrey, CDL Shared Content Coordinator

Harvard University Press eBooks, 2013 Custom Collection

Along with other recently acquired digital ebook collections, all UC campuses will now have access to a recently published collection of Harvard University Press titles on the DeGruyter Online platform.  

Founded in 1913, Harvard University Press is a leading publisher of academic titles of the highest quality in the sciences, humanities, and social sciences.  There will be approximately 160 selected titles to be published by the end of December.  This particular collection of HUP ebooks spans 2013 and 2014 publication dates since Harvard closes its publication date in September or October.  Titles published after that time will have publication dates for the next year.  There are exclusions to the title collection, including reprinted classics, translations into English, book series, and titles that do not have electronic rights.  A title list for available and forthcoming titles is at the DeGruyter site:

Karger Journal Archive and eBooks

CDL is pleased to announce a consortial purchase of the Karger journal archive and ebook collections on behalf of all campuses.  CDL purchased the archive for 63 important Karger journals, dating back to 1893 through 1998 and including 187,000 articles.  CDL also purchased the backfile of Karger ebooks (1997-2012) both series and non-series (over 600 titles) and the ebook frontfiles, 2013 – 2015, including over 100 new titles to be published in future collections.  All content includes perpetual rights. 

In exchange for the CDL one-time purchases, there are significant cost savings during the next three years on the journals package which is a co-investment for all campuses.