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  • Datashare is now available for UCSF researchers at This is a collaborative project of the UCSF Libraries, CDL and UCSF CTSI. The site has two main
    components: 1) the catalog of available datasets (click on “Browse all data”) and 2) the Ingest
    Tool to simplify the assembly of a digital object and metadata creation in preparation of
    submitting to Merritt. Currently, the Ingest Tool is available only to people with a UCSF login.

    The catalog uses XTF behind the scenes—XTF is an open source platform developed at CDL—and
    the Ingest Tool was developed by Geoff Boushey at UCSF Library with help from Julia Kochi and
    Megan Laurance (also at UCSF Library), Trisha Cruse, Stephen Abrams, Carly Strasser and Perry
    Willett at CDL, and Angela Rizk‐Jackson and Anirvan Chatterjee at UCSF CTSI. And the tie to EZID
    for DOIs is an important component. Thanks to everyone involved in the project. Now that these
    tools are available, Megan Laurance is working to encourage researchers to share their datasets
    via Datashare.

    If other campuses are interested in participating in the DataShare project do let us know. We
    are preparing a document that describes the technical requirements for using DataShare,
    . This is still a work in progress, so all of the details are not quite finalized, but it does a good job of indicating the overall level of effort required.

  • It’s easier to delete objects. When we first developed Merritt, we weren’t thinking about
    deleting objects—as a preservation repository, it’s not our first priority. And we thought that
    people would want to create new versions of objects rather than delete them altogether.
    However, many of you need to delete objects for various reasons. Because we store information
    about the object in multiple places (descriptive information, fixity‐check records, etc) it was
    difficult to do and generally required a developer. We’ve now automated many parts of the
    deletion process, and we can usually fulfill deletion requests within a day or two.

For a current summary of 2013 development priorities for 2013, see the UC3 Curation Wiki:

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