We had only three major e-book package distributions in January, for Springer (1,121 titles), SuperStar (211 titles), and IEEE (53 titles). There was an overall decrease (117 titles) in the number of CRC Press titles available since we removed 224 titles which had been part of the ENGnetBASE DDA pilot.  Note however, that under the terms of the DDA agreement, 46 ENGnetBASE titles will remain available as DDA titles until the end of March.

We had slightly more major journal package record distributions, for EBSCO Education Source (804 titles), EBSCO Art Source (293 titles), Open Access (131 titles), ScienceDirect Freedom Collection (56 titles), DragonSource (52 titles), and IIMP full text (29 titles). The journals in H.W. Wilson’s Education Full Text and Art Full Text were repackaged into EBSCO’s Education Source and Art Source. Also, offsetting the large additions to the two EBSCO packages, there was a decrease of 248 titles available from EBSCO Academic Search Complete.

The Airiti DDA titles currently number 627 and the YBP/Ebrary DDA titles number 1197. We have not yet distributed any DDA titles for the Japanese EBSCO pilot, but plan to do so within the next week or so. We anticipate over 1,500 records for the initial distribution.

Due to circumstances, I was unable to provide you with a monthly update for our December output so I’m including the highlights here. For journals the major distributions were for EBSCO Education Source (293 titles), Open Access (90 titles), and SuperStar (40 titles). Our major distributions for monographs were for Alexander Street Press Classical Music Library (445 titles), JSTOR serial analytics (172 titles), Apabi (90 titles), SuperStar (68 titles), IEEE (61 titles), CRC Press (60 titles), and Wiley (51 titles). The JSTOR serial analytics were for titles from the journals Fieldiana Anthroplogy; Publications of the Field Columbian Museum, Anthropological Series; and, Publications of the Field Museum of Natural History, Anthropological Series.

Lastly, the 2013 4th quarter package statistics are now posted at http://www.cdlib.org/services/collections/scp/docs/2013q4.pdf.

Until next month …

By Adolfo Tarango, Head, Systemwide Collection Services