WEST recently collected statistics about deselection, archiving and lending and borrowing from our members and Archive Holders. These statistics are important parts of our reporting to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and for assessment of the WEST program.

WEST is at a point where we can look back and assess our progress to better understand the changing landscape of collection management in the region. From our archivers, we requested statistics on 2012/13 WEST archive lending and totals for cycle 2 archiving. From the lending statistics, WEST will begin to understand use patterns for each archive type given varying degrees of electronic availability and digital preservation for some titles. From the archiving statistics, WEST will confirm that our totals for the cycle 2 archives match what our Archive Holders have on file.

From the entire WEST membership, we requested statistics on deselection activities between July 2012 and June 2013. This was the first time WEST has requested these statistics and members are adjusting their data gathering routines for subsequent years. The WEST Phase 1 proposal estimated that upwards of 1 million volumes could be candidates for deselection based on the archiving commitments we have accomplished during the past three years. WEST will begin to monitor the collection management activities that ensue over the next few years. The statistics and the assessment survey will help WEST governance groups better understand, quantitatively and qualitatively, the ways in which WEST’s archiving supports collection management decisions.

Thanks to all the members who provided statistics!