WEST is currently conducting an assessment of Phase 1 (2011-2013). The assessment includes a survey of all WEST members.

We want your feedback on WEST!

Your responses to the survey will guide the WEST Executive Committee on strategic planning for the future as WEST transitions to a member-sustained service in 2016. The WEST governance committees will convene later in 2014 to review member feedback and plan for the future.

The survey focuses on three broad themes:

  1. The value of WEST as a collection management, preservation and access strategy.
  2. The possibilities for change to the current WEST program, including modifications to the existing operations, business and governance models.
  3. The possibilities for new directions and services.

The survey was distributed on March 5th. The due date for completion is March 19th. If you have any questions or comments, please contact the WEST Project Team.

Who received the survey? The survey was distributed directly to staff involved in WEST activities at member institutions including library directors, primary contacts, collection development officers, and individuals on the WEST Executive Committee, Operations and Collections Council and Collections Working Group. It was also distributed to archive holder and builder staff to obtain a variety of perspectives.  WEST encourages multiple responses from each member institution.