OCLC brought in three enhancements to WorldCat Local impacting Melvyl on April 24, 2014, described below.

The running list of release notes can be found at http://www.cdlib.org/services/d2d/melvyl/public/.
(Note that many of these do not have an impact on Melvyl.)

Bug Fix: Facet support for IE11
OCLC resolved the issue with facets not working correctly with IE11.

FRBR update
OCLC has run a re-FRBRization of WorldCat. One of the primary updates from this process is that many of the singleton records in WorldCat will be assigned to work clusters.  You should also see improvements to other FRBR-type issues you may have seen or reported to OCLC.  Following the completion of the FRBR run, please bring problem clusters directly  to OCLC’s attention by reporting them to OCLC Customer Support: support@oclc.org.

OCLC anticipates that this will be a significant improvement to FRBR WorldCat records.

Enhanced Feature: Data from 520 subfield b added
OCLC has added subfield b to MARC 520 field in summary and abstract.