Our past month’s distributions for monographs included titles for Open Access (1195 titles), SuperStar (640 titles), Springer (345 titles), CRC Press (288 titles), Apabi (113 titles), IEEE (76 titles), Wiley (65 titles), and Elsevier (51 titles). The majority of the open access monographs, 843, were from DOAB, Directory of Open Access Books, which was a new package for us. Note that 191 of the CRC Press titles are reinstated titles we had lost over the years but have now recovered per perpetual rights agreements. These titles are hosted locally, in Merritt, and our links will take users to pdf versions of these titles. As such, users will not have use of the vendor’s platform functionality when viewing these specific titles.

For our DDAs, there are currently 1968 titles available from YBP/Ebrary, 1533 titles available for the EBSCO Japanese DDA, and 716 titles from the Airiti DDA. As of this date, there have been seven purchases from YBP/Ebrary and the EBSCO Japanese and four from Airiti.

Our only major distributions for serials were for Open Access (318 titles).

SCP staff are beginning to explore use of the OCLC KB (Knowledge Base). This is necessitated by the fact that OCLC is changing how we are to create and manage WorldCat Collections Sets. We also believe use of some other services available through OCLC WMS (WorldShare Management Services) such as the Collection Manager might offer us some additional tools to maintain and update our records. SCP staff have also been enthusiastically participating in the OCLC duplicate record merge pilot, working on both monographs and serials. A shout out to Annie Ross, now off review and merging those pesky dups on her own, yay Annie!

Until next month …