For monographs, our major distributions included titles for Naxos (4999 titles), Springer (1402 titles), Wiley (208 titles), IEEE (152 titles), Apabi (100 titles), and YBP/Ebrary DDA (95 titles). For serials, our major distributions were for Open Access (635 titles) and JSTOR (45 titles).

For our DDAs, there are now 2733 titles available from YBP/Ebrary, 1529 titles available for the EBSCO Japanese DDA, and 924 titles from the Airiti DDA. As of this date, we have recorded 40 purchases from YBP/Ebrary, eleven from the EBSCO Japanese, and four from Airiti.

The following should not impact campus processing of SCP bibliographic record files, but SCP has started adding a suffix to the OCLC number in its copy of the SCP record. Some of you are aware that the UCSD Library’s ILS serves as the local storehouse of SCP records. Because of this, there are two copies of most records, one is the SCP copy of the record, suppressed from public view, and the second is the UCSD Library’s copy of the record which is the version that displays in Roger, UCSD’s local OPAC. Because there are two copies of each record, this makes it impossible to employ a very important technique for doing bibliographic maintenance, overlay of records based on OCLC number. By adding a suffix to the OCLC number in the SCP copy of the record, this de-duplicates the OCLC number letting us, both UCSD and SCP staff, use it as a matching point for overlay of records. As stated, this will not affect campus processing of SCP records as SCP will strip the suffix from the OCLC number before distributing them, but we wanted to give notice to you and ask to let us know in the event any such record manages to get out to you.

Until next month …