CDLINFO News: August, 2017

Beaumont Yung Accepts Appointment at UCSF

August 11, 2017  |  Category:  Newsletter,Staff News  |  Author: 

After 10+ years of distinguished service at CDL, Beaumont is pursuing a tremendous new career opportunity at UCSF. Please join us in congratulating him on his new appointment as Director … More

Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: August 2017

August 11, 2017  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter,Shared Cataloging  |  Author: 

SCP has posted the distribution statistics report for the month of July [xlsx]. This monthly report shows net increase or decrease of titles from CDL licensed and selected open access … More

LexisNexis Academic Becomes Nexis Uni

August 8, 2017  |  Category:  Collection Development,Newsletter,Resource Liaisons  |  Author: 

The national transition from legacy LexisNexis Academic to its completely reengineered successor Nexis Uni™ is now under way, and all UC campuses are among the first wave of migrating subscribers … More


EZID DOI Service is Evolving

August 4, 2017  |  Category:  EZID,Infrastructure Services,Newsletter  |  Author: 

By Joan Starr, EZID Service Manager, California Digital Library;  Michael Witt, Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University Libraries; and, Patricia Cruse, Executive Director, DataCite The California Digital Library (CDL) … More

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New Tier 2 Licensed Resource – North-China Daily News

August 1, 2017  |  Category:  Collection Development,Licensed Resources,Newsletter  |  Author: 

Five campuses (Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara & Santa Cruz) began participation in a Tier 2 opportunity for access to the North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and … More