You can receive the latest content from any of the CDLINFO categories below via RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This convenient, free service uses RSS-reading software, also known as RSS readers or aggregators.

If you have RSS reader software on your computer, or you use a web browser that doubles as an RSS reader, just click on the rss icon button next to the category and copy the resulting link location into your RSS reader or web browser. You can also click on the rss icon RSS icon in Firefox, Internet Explorer (7.0+), and Safari to add individual category feeds.

rss icon All Categories RSS – includes all latest news items from all CDLINFO categories.

rss icon Behind the Scenes RSS – Joan Starr, CDL’s Manager of Strategic and Project Planning, blogs about a wide range of topics and gives you a peek behind the scenes at CDL projects.

rss icon CDLINFO Newsletter RSS – includes information sent out to a UC campus listserv that is a representative sampling of CDLINFO News entries, specifically geared to a UC library audience.

rss icon Collection Development RSS – includes information on collection development (licensed digital content, shared print, and built content developed through digitization efforts such as the Open Content Alliance project) and collection management (shared cataloging).

rss icon Digital Preservation (UC3) RSS – includes information on NDIPP, Web at Risk, web-based content, digitally reformatted materials from UC libraries and museums, and online teaching and learning materials.

rss icon Digital Special Collections RSS – includes information on the Online Archive of California (OAC), Calisphere, Counting California, and Image collections.

rss icon Discovery & Delivery RSS – includes information on the Melvyl Union Catalog, Request (ILL service), Verde (Electronic Resource Management Service), MetaLib (or MetaSearch), and UC-eLinks (UC’s linking service).

rss icon eScholarship RSS – includes information specifically about eScholarship service.

rss icon Information Services RSS – includes information provided by CDL’s Information Services team.

rss icon Infrastructure Services RSS – includes information provided by the Infrastructure Services team and the work that they accomplish in support of CDL services.

rss icon Message from the Executive Director RSS – includes messages written by the Executive Director of CDL.

rss icon Opinion and Commentary RSS – includes information on opinion and commentary provided by CDL staff on current issues in the digital library and information community.

rss icon Publishing RSS – includes information on eScholarship, digital publication in familiar formats, such as open access journals and monographs, dissemination and repository services for working papers, technical reports, preprints and postprints.

rss icon Staff News RSS – includes information on CDL staff (new hires, retirements, conference presentatons, etc.).

rss icon Strategic and Project Planning Services RSS – includes information on strategic and project planning tools and processes provided for CDL services.

rss icon Systemwide Library Information RSS – includes information on Scholarly Communication, Systemwide Library Planning (SLP) news, and more.

rss icon Technology RSS – includes information on shared technology architectures and standards needed to achieve digital information resource interoperability and integration, and more.

rss icon UC-eLinks News RSS – includes information on UC-eLinks, UC’s direct connection to articles.

rss icon User Experience Design RSS – includes information on the process and expertise provided by the User Experience Design team during the assessment, design, and web production of CDL services.

rss icon Web Archiving RSS – includes information on the Web Archiving Service.

rss icon Your Life@Work RSS – Leslie Wolf and Lena Zentall, two project managers at the California Digital Library who want to shine the spotlight on you and share thoughts and practical advice on collaboration, professional development (or what we call “professional fitness”), resiliency, skills portability, innovation, and happiness at work.