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Heather Christenson

Heather Christenson


Collection Development and Management


Manager, Digital Content Development & Strategy


Heather is responsible for developing and overseeing the execution of strategies and activities for the large scale digitization of UC’s physical collections and provides collaborative leadership for large scale digital content initiatives within the UC Libraries system-wide consultative structure. She leads the CDL Mass Digitization group and has major responsibility for identifying and pursuing strategic initiatives and opportunities on behalf of UC, including extramural partnerships and funding opportunities, and participates in policy and program planning, development and administration. She also plays an integral role in the development of services surrounding digitized content including the HathiTrust Digital Library and the UC Library Reprints Service.


B.A. Communications University of California, San Diego
M.L.I.S. University of California, Berkeley


Heather has been involved in the creation of digital collections and digital library services for over 10 years. Previous to her work on the HathiTrust Digital Library and mass digitization initiatives, Heather led the UC Libraries' system-wide ERMS implementation team, as well as the development of a prototype integrated search service. She has also contributed to UC's next generation catalog project, and CDL's early explorations of web crawling and OAI harvesting. For four years Heather led CDL's Resource Liaison Program, a UC-wide program of over 100 librarians charged with assessment of licensed electronic resources for technical performance and utility of user interfaces. Prior to joining CDL, Heather worked in the commercial world on web search tools. She has also served as the Assistant Head Librarian for the San Francisco Examiner, where she was heavily involved in news research and pioneering a digital image archive, as well as contributing to the early development of the SFGate news site. Prior to her work at the Examiner, she worked in government documents, and has been a researcher, law librarian, and a cataloger of collections as diverse as glass negatives and video.

Papers / Presentations

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