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Melvyl® Campus Circulation Liaisons

Notifying CDL & OCLC About Scheduled or Emergency Outages

Circulation information is currently available in Melvyl® for all UC campuses. If your Z39.50 server is down, circulation information will not be available in Melvyl®.

When your campus library's Z39.50 server will be unavailable for more than 2 hours, CDL and OCLC should be given advance notice. Please contact CDL IMMEDIATELY after the maintenance has been scheduled, but at least 48 hours in advance. In case of extreme emergencies, less advanced notice is acceptable.

When your system is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance

Your responsibilities


IMMEDIATELY after the maintenance has been scheduled, click here to send an email with the subject line "[your campus] circulation unavailable [date and time]". Then replace the brackets in the subject line with your campus name and the scheduled downtime, include any additional information in the email body and send it off.

The email is sent to OCLC ( and to CDL's Melvyl Operations ( and Resource Sharing ( teams so that we are aware of the impending maintenance.

When your system is unavailable due to unscheduled outage
(Outages Mon - Fri, 8 am - 5 pm for that will not be resolved for an hour or more)

Your responsibilities

  • Call the CDL Helpline (510) 987-0555 reporting the outage and estimated time needed for resolution.

Campus Circulation Liaisons
Giulia Hill, UC Berkeley
Jim Clark, UC Riverside
Library Systems Department, UC Davis
Greg Ferguson, UC San Diego
Lakshmi Arunachalam, UC Irvine
Andy Panado, UC San Francisco
Andy Kohler, UC Los Angeles
Pegasus Systems Group, UC Santa Barbara
Mary Wepplar-Selear, UC Merced
Nicole Lawson, UC Santa Cruz

Last updated: September 20, 2018
Document owner: Jayne Dickson