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Committees and Groups

CDL California Digital Library operations, steering, and working groups.
UCL University of California systemwide library planning groups.

Current Active Committees and Groups

Committee Group/NameCDL or UCL
Acquisitions Common Interest GroupUCL
Acquisitions Liaisons
The CDL Acquisitions Liaisons work with the CDL to identify existing campus subscriptions during the licensing process and track subscription renewals and cancellations at their campus where print is linked to the CDL's license for the electronic version. They also cooordinate the processing of campus coinvestment payments and inter-campus recharges.
Bibliographer Group Chairs and LiaisonsUCL
Circulation Advisory Group (CAG)UCL
Circulation Liaisons
These liaisons help make the circulation information that is available in the local library systems at the UC campuses available in Melvyl. Melvyl provides information on the circulation status for items held at most campus libraries.
Collection Development Committee (CDC)UCL
Digital Reference Common Interest GroupUCL
Digital Library Services Advisory Group
The Digital Library Services Advisory Group is charged with exploring the benefits that can be gained through sharing services and collections, leveraging technology, and pooling financial resources among the UC libraries.
eScholarship Campus Contacts
The eScholarship Campus Contacts represent local eScholarship efforts on the campuses, and assist faculty who are interested in submitting work to the eScholarship Repository with training and technical issues.
Heads of Public Services (HOPS)UCL
Heads of Special Collections (HOSC)UCL
Heads of Technical Services (HOTS)UCL
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Advisory Group
IP Profile and Network Liaisons
The Network Liaisons report their campus network changes to the CDL, and are a point of contact for the CDL to confirm campus network information.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Operations TeamCDL
Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC)
The JSC is charged with developing principles and rationale for continued CDL collection development, and advising on sustainable budget models for the University of California shared digital collections.
Librarians Association of the University of California (LAUC)UCL
Library Technology Advisory Group (LTAG)UCL
Preservation Advisory Group (PAG)UCL
Request Liaisons
The Request service allows users to request borrowable materials from another campus library. Two types of Request Liaisons are on each campus. The Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request Liaisons are responsible for communicating information about the Request function between the CDL, vendors, and the campus, while the Technical Request Liaisons focus on the technical issues.
Resource Liaisons (RLs)
Campus-based Resource Liaisons monitor and conduct ongoing evaluation of major products or groups of products from a single producer. In particular, they focus on functionality, completeness of content, and performance. The Liaisons also make recommendations to producers for enhancements.
Resource Sharing Committee (RSC)UCL
Resource WranglersCDL
Scholarly Communication Officers GroupUCL
Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Campus ContactsCDL/UCL
Shared Cataloging Program Advisory Committee (SCP AC)UCL
Shared Libraries Facilities BoardUCL
Shared Print Steering Task Force (SPSTF)
The SPSTF is charged with developing policies to support prospective Shared Print monograph collecting, reviewing initial proposals for such collections and refining the framework for monograph collecting, when appropriate.
Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC)UCL
Systemwide Operations and Planning Advisory Group (SOPAG)UCL
UC-eLinks Liaisons
Following the success of UC-eLinks in providing linking services among CDL-licensed resources, campus libraries expressed interest in using it for their locally licensed resources. The UC-eLinks liaisons assist in the implementation phase of adding local resources to campus versions of UC-eLinks.
University of California Archivists Council (UCAC)UCL
Users Council
Members of the Users Council are responsible for communicating information between the CDL and their own institutions regarding public services and the use of CDL collections and services. They also act as liaisons between users and the CDL by monitoring, interpreting, summarizing, and evaluating comments about CDL collections and services.

No Longer Active Committees and Groups

East Asian Digital Resources Task Force
The East Asian Digital Resources Task Force is no longer active. The task force was responsible for developing a systemwide strategy to take advantage of the increasing number of East Asian digital resouces. They prepared a white paper that outlines the current need for a sustainable infrastructure and explores possible approaches to management, services, and funding options.
Electronic Resources Cataloging Task ForceUCL
Evaluation Liaisons
This group is no longer active. The Evaluation Liaisons assisted in planning and facilitating evaluation activities, e.g., web-based surveys and usability testing, which originated at CDL but necessarily required participation of campus students, faculty, and staff. The Evaluation Liaison program originated and was charged by SOPAG in 1999; it was most active during the period leading up to the launch of the redesigned Melvyl Catalog in 2003.
Information Literacy Common Interest GroupUCL
Rights Management Group (RMG)
In 2004, the CDL formed a short-term Rights Management Group (RMG) to advise on issues concerning copyright protections and fair use. From 2005 through 2006, the RMG did an analysis of the functional requirements related to copyright metadata, identified key data elements for expressing copyright metadata, and formalized these elements in the copyrightMD XML schema. copyrightMD is compatible with and can be used as an extender to the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS).
Standing Committee on CopyrightUCL
Strategic Technology, Architecture and Standards Working Group (STAS)
The Strategic Technology, Architecture and Standards Working Group (STAS) was active from 1998 to 2002. It was responsible for recommending and maintaining architectural guidelines and standards for the University of California shared digital collections. With its expanded portfolio of services and partners the components of the CDL's technological architecture now are more loosely coupled. Current descriptions of IT architecture and standards can be found embedded within service descriptions and at this page in Infrastructure and Applications Support.
Structured Text Working Group (STWG)
The Structured Text Working Group advised the CDL on specific issues concerning implementation of TEI encoded digital text repositories.
Tools and Services Working Group (TSWG)
This group is no longer active. The TSWG developed principles and guidelines for the identification, evaluation, selection, and implementation of online tools and services.
VDX Implementation Task Force
The VDX Implementation Team is no longer active. While in existence, the team provided collaborative and coordinated advice and guidance to CDL Staff and the campus ILL staff for ongoing implementation of VDX ILL request tracking system.
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