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Shared Monographs Coordinating Group

The SMCG is a CDC-appointed group that coordinates proposals for the prospective acquisition of shared print monographs.  The group coordinates proposals for monographs currently published only in print form; JSC coordinates proposals for e-only or dual format purchases. Approved initiatives are posted to the CDL Shared Print website.

SMCG Membership

SMCG members serve a two-year term with possibility of renewal.

  • Barbara Schader, UCR, Co-Chair
  • Kerry Scott, UCSC, Co-Chair and JSC liaison
  • Robert Melton, UCSD, Arts and Humanities Bibliographer
  • Deborah Kegel, UCSD, Sciences Bibliographer
  • Joseph Yue, UCLA, Social Sciences Bibliographer
  • Angela Smircic, CDL Shared Print Analyst
  • Emily Stambaugh, CDL Shared Print Manager, ex-officio
Last updated: March 19, 2013
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