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BrowZine FAQ for Librarians

How is this trial being supported?

Support questions regarding the application and trial process are being sent via a troubleshooting form to the BrowZine Evaluation Committee.

For problems with wifi connectivity and IP authentication (EZProxy, VPN), users are directed to contact their campus library or IT department for assistance.

Comments and feedback regarding the application and user needs will be collected via the online survey.

How does BrowZine know what journals to display?

For the purpose of this trial, we have activated publisher packages where we subscribe to most or all of the titles. In the production version, BrowZine uses institution-provided holdings information to control the list of available titles.

Please see the list of supported publishers for more information.

Where are the articles located?

BrowZine uses IP authentication to access journal article PDFs from the publisher sites directly. BrowZine hosts the basic journal information and TOC data at their site.

How is IP authentication happening for users?

Because detailed description of different campus wifi networks can be confusing, the committee felt it was easiest to advocate for VPN or EZProxy use by the user regardless of physical location - this will ensure the user has a valid IP that will grant them access to the licensed library content.

Most campuses have a mobile-compatible VPN solution. UCSC and UCSB are authenticating via EZProxy in the application. UCD is currently limited to on-campus access only as Squid proxy and WebVPN are not currently supported by BrowZine.

Links to campus VPN configuration information for those campuses will display at application launch:

What about other similar software?

The task force charge was specifically to evaluate BrowZine, as well as performing an environmental scan and identifying other potential solutions for consideration.

Depending on the results of the user needs survey, it is possible that a different application may fulfill the stated user needs and contexts better than BrowZine. BrowZine at this time is one of the fuller featured products in this category, and provides a good example for users to see this functionality in action.



Last updated: April 01, 2013

Document owner: Holly Eggleston