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Systemwide Licensing Process

The UC Systemwide Licensed Content video series provides campus librarians and library staff with an introduction to systemwide licensed content at the University of California.


Watch Introduction video

Learn more about the role of licensed resources at the University of California libraries.

Watch introduction video External link
Read introduction video transcript [PDF]


Watch Negotiation video

How a resource is selected and approved for systemwide licensing.

Watch negotiation video External link
(Transcript not available)


Watch Licensing video

Negotiating and managing systemwide license agreements.

Watch licensing video External link
Read licensing video transcript [PDF]


Watch Acquisitions video

Paying vendors, campus recharges, and managing renewals.

Watch acquisitions video External link
(Transcript not available)


Watch Cataloging video

Cataloging systemwide licensed content.

Watch cataloging video External link
Read cataloging video transcript [PDF]


Watch Support video

Supporting systemwide licensed content.

Watch support video External link
Read support video transcript

Lifecycle Management

Watch Lifecycle Management video

Managing systemwide licensed content from launch to cancellation.

Watch lifecycle management video External link
Read lifecycle management video transcript

Statistics and Assessment

Watch Statistics and Assessment video

Assessing value of systemwide licensed content.

Watch statistics and assessment video External link
(Transcript not available)

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