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Three Millionth Volume Celebration: UC's University Librarians Pick Their Favorite Digitized Books


The Mass Digitization team at CDL is proud to announce that the 3,000,000th volume has been digitized from the collections of the University of California libraries! Reaching this milestone has involved the work of many dedicated people across the UC Libraries. We aren't stopping at three million: books continue to be digitized at a rapid pace from many of our collections.

To celebrate the occasion, the UC University Librarians have chosen their favorite digitized books. Click on the gallery below to see and enjoy this diverse collection of works in the public domain.


Old French Fairy Tales (1920), by Comtesse de Segur

from Tom Leonard, UC Berkeley

The Wine Press and the Cellar (1883), by Emmet Rixford

from Helen Henry and Gail Yokote, UC Davis

Millionaires of a Day: an inside history of the great southern California "boom" (1890), by T.S. Van Dyke

from Gerald Lowell, UC Irvine

Commedie del cinquecento, by Ireneo Sanesi

from Gary Strong, UCLA

Chinese Immigration (1909), by Mary R. Coolidge

from Bruce Miller, UC Merced

Songs of Summer Lands (1892), by Joaquin Miller

from Ruth Jackson, UC Riverside

The Medusae (1909), by Henry Bigelow

from Brian Schottlaender, UC San Diego

Medical Education in the United States and Canada (1902), by A. Flexner

from Karen Butter, UC San Francisco

Educational Value of the Study of History, (1910) by Hubert Howe Bancroft

from Lucia Snowhill and Sherry Dedecker, UC Santa Barbara

Famous Travels and Travelers (1892), by Jules Verne

from Ginny Steel, UC Santa Cruz

San Francisco: the Bay and its Cities (1940), Works Progress Administration

from Laine Farley, CDL

Click on an image to read about the book.


To learn more about finding digitized volumes, visit the "Where to Find Our Books" page at CDL.

Last reviewed: January 10, 2013
Document owner: Jason Colman