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Mobile Access Points for Systemwide Licensed Resources

DRAFT - April 2015


This document is a placeholder and is not currently in use.

If we determine there is enough interest in proactively promoting mobile access to systemwide licensed resources where it makes sense to centrally test and track supportable solutions, we will implement this page.

In the meantime, per the main page, we are requesting that campuses perform the inital evaluation of mobile functionality with the intention that they will keep CDL apprised as to the campus interest and testing and promotional activity.


For UC Library Staff

This list of vetted mobile functionality is provided for consideration UC campus library staff to decide whether to actively promote these resources to their campus' users.

Staff from CDL and the campuses assess mobile offerings from systemwide licensed vendors for basic functionality and compatibility with current policies and baseline infrastructure requirements and post the results of that assessment here.

It is up to the local campus to decide whether to actively promote these methods of access, as factors local to the campus can affect the functionality and supportability of a given solution. It is recommended that before actively promoting, the local campus should also test this resource using local campus infrastructure, both to ensure compatibility as well as to account for any changes since the functionality review date.

Third party applications and locally licensed resources are not included in this list at this time, although the criteria used for performing this assessment can be used by individual campuses and librarians for assessing other mobile offerings of interest.

The criteria used for compliance checking.


If you are an end user, the following access points are considered unsupported unless actively promoted by your campus. If you are having problems with any mobile access method promoted by your campus, please contact your local campus library for support.

If there is a resource that is not on this list or if you'd like to assist in performing mobile access evaluations, please send a message to

Columns for table

  • Resource
  • Vendor
  • Type (App (platforms) / Browser)
  • Authentication Method (IP, token, login)
  • Functionality (institutional content, basic behavior)
  • Meets licensing and functionality standards (yes/no)
  • Link to access/download
  • Date reviewed / status (date, inprocess or new)
Last updated: April 09, 2015
Document owner: Holly Eggleston