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Cataloging & Linking Guidelines

Documents include cataloging guidelines for all licensed content including e-monographs, journals, and databases as well as linking guidelines for licensed content and open access materials.


CDL Cataloging Guidelines: Conventions for Cataloging Electronic Resources CDL and SCP conventions for fixed fields, variable fields and notes for electronic serials, electronic monographs, and online databases. (September 2009)

CDL Cataloging Guidelines: Decision Points [PDF]: Guidelines for when to use a single or separate record; outlines specific applications. (October 2008)

CDL Cataloging of Open Access Monographs Resources: Guidelines on open access monographs cataloged at the title level when requested and will maintain at least one valid open access link for all campuses (February 2017)

Assigning California Document Call Numbers (January 2004)

Linking Guidelines for CDL Licensed eJournals [PDF]

Linking Guidelines for CDL Licensed eMonographs [PDF]

Linking Guidelines for SCP Cataloged Open Access eJournals [PDF]

UC Link Resolver General Principles & Detailed Linking Guidelines [DOC] (October 2005)

Persistent Identifiers (PID) Gateway

CONSER PURL Basic Documentation [PDF]

SCP record deletion

Last updated: February 21, 2017
Document owner: Becky Culbertson