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Historical Documents

Overview of CDL Acquisitions and the SCP (2005)[PPT]: Generalized version of the individual PowerPoint presentations given at each of the UC campuses between June 21 and November 10, 2005, detailing various aspects of CDL Acquisitions and the Shared Cataloging Program. See also Advisory Policy Structure in 2006. (Archived May 2018)

E-Resources Tracking: Package-Level Cataloging Details for Locally Licensed UC Electronic Resources (Nov. 2007): Charts the host, package name, package details, and URL construction for locally licensed electronic resources. (Archived May 2018)

Authorized headings list: Provides an Excel list of headings of SCP journal packages and databases. Contains information about SFX forms of headings, sub-databases, unused forms of headings, tier information, etc. (Archived March 2009)

Chinese Language Resources Cataloging Priorities and Status [PDF]: Cataloging priorities and status for Chinese language databases/packages cataloged at title-level and as single databases. Collectively developed by the East Asian bibliographers and SCP for 2008-2009. (Archived April 2010)

Specialized data elements for SCP monograph records: Describes the specialized fields and data elements that should be added to each SCP record, in addition to standard descriptive bibliographic metadata. (Drafted April 2003; archived March 2009)

SCP Harvesting Technique Procedures for California Documents [PDF]: Outlines SCP procedures for the gathering and distribution of MARC bibliographic records from OCLC out to the UC campuses. (Drafted June 2008; archived May 2018)

California Electronic Documents Cataloging Pilot Project [PDF]: Details the two CAMCIG proposals (Berkeley proposal and SCP proposal) for handling California electronic document cataloging in the face of the SCP budget cut. (December 2008; archived May 2018)

Assigning California Document Call Numbers (January 2004)

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