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Historical Documents

Historical documents are those that are no longer maintained or active, but are available for reference purposes.


Authorized headings list: Provides an Excel list of headings of SCP journal packages and databases. Contains information about SFX forms of headings, sub-databases, unused forms of headings, tier information, etc. (Archived March 2009)

Batch Conversion of Resource Records into Separate Records: Outlines the workflow process for creating separate records. (Archived March 2009)

Chinese Language Resources Cataloging Priorities and Status [PDF]: Cataloging priorities and status for Chinese language databases/packages cataloged at title-level and as single databases. Collectively developed by the East Asian bibliographers and SCP for 2008-2009. (Archived April 2010)

FAQ for Monographic Records Distribution: UCSD started distributing emonographic records in 2003. This is a FAQ of questions and answers from various campuses about this process. (Archived February 2010)

Specialized data elements for SCP monograph records: Describes the specialized fields and data elements that should be added to each SCP record, in addition to standard descriptive bibliographic metadata. (Drafted April 2003; archived March 2009)

Status Chart of SCP Cataloging Sets in Progress: Charts resource titles, formats and numbers of records, and status. (Archived March 2009)

Last updated: February 23, 2016
Document owner: Becky Culbertson