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SCP Quarterly Cataloging Priorities Report to the JSC: October-December 2015

Project-oriented cataloging priorities:

  1. YBP/Ebrary DDA pilot
  2. Japanese DDA pilot
  3. Reveal Digital
  4. Leveraging the OCLC KB

With the end-of-fiscal year purchases taken care of, SCP will basically be returning to “normal” operations but keeping close tabs on our two DDAs and putting extra time in getting the Reveal Digital collection cataloged. This later package is being given focus as it was called out for cataloging when first purchased several months ago, but a soon announced platform upgrade necessitated a delay in cataloging. Since the platform migration is now completed, we can proceed with cataloging. We expected about 400 titles to go out by the end of October with an additional 400 by the end of December.

Regarding the YBP/Ebrary DDA, at the request of the DDA pilot Task Group, SCP will now proactively acquire and distribute records instead of waiting for notification that OCLC records are available. Over the past several months SCP has found that we are not getting OCLC numbers for a substantial portion of each week’s DDA releases, in some cases, it has been months since the titles were actually available and yet no OCLC number has been provided. As such these titles remain invisible to our patrons. Since there are in fact OCLC records for these titles, the Task Group has given us the go-ahead to not wait, but instead to just identify and distribute records as DDA titles become available. This proactive process will add perhaps a half-hour to an hour to our exiting workflow.

We have conducted several test on performing monographic bibliographic maintenance based on OCLC KB record update reports and the initial results look very promising. A large portion of the updates are for the addition of subject headings and additional access points. Our analysis will continue and we expect to make a recommendation on making this an ongoing process or not in our next quarterly update.


Chinese cataloging priorities:

The purchase of several new packages trigger a review of the Chinese language cataloging priorities by the East Asian Bibliographers. From their review came a recommendation to order the cataloging priorities based on the number of subscribing campuses. Below is a listing based on this recommendation, with packages subscribed by the same number of campuses listed alphabetically.

  1. Chinamaxx (New purchases)
  2. Apabi ebooks and yearbooks (new purchases and backlog from 2009)
  3. Airiti ebooks (new purchases from DDA pilot)
  4. Chinese periodical full-text database (Minguo shi qi qi kan)
  5. Dacheng Journals
  6. Chinese classic ancient books and Chinese local records
  7. Pi shu
  8. Ongoing maintenance to cataloged packages (COJ, TEPS, CAJ, Apabi, SuperStar, DragonSource)
  9. SuperStar Chinamaxx Phase 1

Bie-Hwa Ma, our SCP Chinese language cataloger, along with Shi Deng, head of the UCSD CJK cataloging unit, have had some initial success in generating interest among various libraries to engage in some collaborative cataloging projects. Organizing this under the auspices of the Council of East Asian Libraries (CEAL), details for the project are being worked out but several of the packages we licensed are being considered. Also, as a possible outcome of Bie-Hwa’s ongoing discussion with staff at the University of Hong Kong Library, they are near a decision to create an OCLC KB collection for the Chinese classic ancient book package of nearly 10,000 titles. If they do so, we will be able to acquire this set of records via the OCLC Collection Manager.


Respectfully submitted,
Adolfo R. Tarango
September 21, 2015

Last updated: June 17, 2016 

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