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JACS: Shipping Information

JACS Shipments are centrally coordinated through a sign-up sheet and calendar. The CDL Shared Print Team monitors shipping sign-ups and reviews them with the Shared Print Operations Team and Shared Print Campus Coordinators as necessary before forwarding requested services to the Service Provider (Iron Mountain, Inc.). Please see the sign-up sheet for more details.

JACS Packing Guidelines

Below are guidelines to assist campuses in preparing shipments of JACS material. Following these guidelines helps ensure the material's safety during transport and facilitates processing at the Southern and Northern Regional Library Facilities.

  • Clean volumes of any excess dust and dirt
  • Do not organize material by size
  • Keep titles together; in volume number order
  • Load volumes onto book trucks tight and snug, but not so tight to deform volumes or require extraordinary effort to remove volumes. Recommendation:
    • Small books: Two rows per shelf; volumes upright and not inverted; spines facing out
    • Larger books: One row per shelf; volumes upright, not inverted, and spines facing in one direction (larger volumes on fore edge with tops in one direction)
  • General guideline:
    • Allow no more than one inch of overhang
  • Label trucks:
    • FROM: Your Campus
    • Date:
    • Number of items:
    • Book Truck Number [e.g.'1'] of [e.g.'20']
  • Shipping provider will secure loaded machine carts with plastic wrap
  • Important note for library staff: please do not assist shipping professionals in unloading empty machine carts or loading full machine carts on or off transportation vehicles. It is part of UC's agreement with Iron Mountain, and important for the safety of all individuals involved, that cart movement on the loading dock, loading and unloading into transportation vehicles, and movement of carts for the transportation process be completed solely by Iron Mountain staff.

Dimensions of a JACS machine cart: 4 X 4 X 2 ft (23 linear feet of total usable shelf space)

Last updated: April 10, 2019
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