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UC Libraries Springer eBooks Pilot: 2008 --- 2010

During the Springer e-Book pilot 2008 - 2010, the UC campuses obtained perpetual access to nearly every Springer Science + Business Media ebook published in English from 2005 to 2010. The collection includes 24,000+ books from every scientific discipline and many social sciences. 2011 e-Books were purchased after the pilot.

The pilot included a detailed assessment phase to evaluate the success of the pilot in the areas of collection development, technical services, and user experience.

The UC Libraries selected Springer eBooks for the first major systemwide ebook pilot at UC because of Springer's favorable licensing and business terms. The licensing terms are in line with the UC Libraries’ External linkGuiding Principles for Collecting Books in Electronic Format (Collection Development Committee, May 2008) including broad academic use rights, favorable Interlibrary Loan provisions, perpetual ownership, unlimited concurrent users, and digital rights management (DRM) - free format. In addition, a shared UC print copy of each of the books has been included in the package, allowing the UC Libraries to experiment with a largescale conversion from print to electronic format in a controlled manner and reduce duplicative acquisitions across the campuses without sacrificing the benefits of print.

The books are linked from campus catalogs as well as from Melvyl, UC-eLinks, and Google Scholar. They can also be browsed or searched directly at External link

Electronic ILL is permitted for the Springer ebooks. Shared print copies for all of the books published from 2009 - 2010 are housed at UC Merced and are available for loan both within UC and via ILL to other institutions. On the Springer ebook site, UC library patrons can also use the print-on-demand purchase option called External link"MyCopy" to order a printed copy for personal use.  (External linkSpringer ebooks ILL FAQ).

Historical documents:

UC Libraries Academic eBook Survey Announcement

See the Public Release here: [DOC]

Check out the library poster here: [DOC]

Springer eBooks Titles

Books are available in the following categories and click External linkhere to view and download the most current list of ebook titles published by Springer from 2005 to 2010.

About : Springer Science + Business Media

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a separate publishing company called Springer Publishing, which is not connected with Springer Science + Business Media. Springer Publishing is not part of the UC Libraries Springer E-book Pilot.

Springer Imprints 2010:

The following subsidiary imprints are included in the Springer ebook package.

• Apress
• Birkhäuser
• Bohn Stafleu van Loghum (as of 2009, separate Dutch-language package)
• Copernicus Books
• Deutscher Universitätsverlag
• Gabler
• Humana Press
• Physica-Verlag
• Plenum US
• Praxis
• Princeton Architectural Press
• Spektrum Akademischer Verlag (as of 2009, German-language only)
• Steinkopff
• Teubner
• Vieweg
• VS-Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften

Springer eTextbooks:

2005-2010 [XLS] updated in May, 2010. ---Sorted by author and sorted by book title

Check out the ebooks online! Sample ebook & sample chapter: Introduction to Boolean Algebras ; sample chapter.

Due to author preference or rights issues, there are some books for which Springer does not hold electronic rights.

The list of excluded individual titles: [XLS] updated in March, 2010. --- Sorted by book title

eBooks Usage Report:

2009 and 2010 report have been normalized due to the data anomalies. See the reports for details.

Springer eBooks Pilot Task Force

The pilot is being overseen by a cross-functional task force coordinated by CDL.  Members of the task force are listed below.  For information, please see the task force charge [DOC]

Task Force Members

Task Force Members
Ivy AndersonCDL, (Co-Chair)
Jacqueline WilsonCDL, (Co-Chair)
Dawn Setzer UCLA
Jim DooleyUC Merced
Deborah Kegel UC San Diego
Keith PowellUC Irvine
Brian QuigleyUC Berkeley
Andrea Duda UC Santa Barbara
Adolfo TarangoUC San Diego / SCP
Wendy ParfreyCDL
Michael Winter UC Davis
Michele Potter UC Riverside (Resource Liaison)
Chan Li CDL
Kerry Scott UC Santa Cruz
Julia Kochi

UC San Francisco

If you have any general questions regarding this project, please contact Michele Potter (

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