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How to Manage a Tier 2 License


Tier 2 acquisitions are those initiated and negotiated by campus subject selectors in which four or more UC campuses participate. Tier 2 acquisitions are funded by the campuses and the responsibility for the license lies with the campus AUL for Collection Development.

Overview of the Process for Campus-negotiated Acquisitions

  1. A subject selector takes the lead in negotiating price and licensing terms directly with the vendor, in consultation with their campus AUL. The expectation of the Joint Steering Committee is that campus-negotiated licenses will adhere to CDL licensing principles. The CDL negotiating and licensing staff are available to consult, strategize, and answer questions on licensing.
  2. The subject selector or "champion" from the sponsoring campus works with subject selectors at other campuses where there is potential interest. The AUL of each campus must review and agree to the business terms and campus cost shares in order to participate. Each participating AUL's approval is a necessary step in the documentation given to CDL prior to completion of the Tier 2 process.
  3. Upon approval from all campus AULs, the sponsoring campus signs the license agreement on behalf of the participating campuses and forwards a copy of the final, counter-signed license to the CDL.
  4. The sponsoring campus documents the purchase including vendor contact information, business terms, CDO approvals of campus cost shares and sends all the documentation to the CDL. With complete information, the CDL can pay the invoice, recharge the participating campuses, and process future renewals and recharges.
Last updated: May 12, 2016
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