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Cobweb: Collaborative Collection Development for Web Archives

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Cobweb is an open source platform to support collaborative and coordinated collection development for web archives. Cobweb’s core functionality supports digital curators in establishing projects to collect thematically organized web archives, allows for submission of nominations to those projects, tracks claims made by collecting organizations to participate by archiving nominated web resources, and reports on holdings that have been archived.

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Cobweb Team

Work on Cobweb has included four coordinated and complementary activities:

Developing the open source Cobweb system (UCLA)

  • Kristian Allen, Technical Oversight/UCLA Coordination
  • Peter Broadwell, Technical Project Manager
  • Andrew Wallace, Technical Lead

User interface design and usability testing (Harvard University)

  • Lindsay Deal, User Experience Researcher
  • Amy Deschenes, User Experience Oversight
  • Janet Taylor, User Interface Designer
  • Anne Whiteside, Project Advisor/Harvard Coordination

Community outreach and engagement (CDL)

  • Stephen Abrams, Principal Investigator
  • Kathryn Stine, Outreach Manager/Project Management

System deployment (CDL)

  • Jim Vanderveen, System Administrator
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