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Discovery & Delivery's Role in HathiTrust

The Discovery and Delivery Team proudly partners with our colleagues at the University of California and in the broader HathiTrust community to advance the HathiTrust’s vision of a shared digital future. We’re partnering in all these areas and we’re busy!

  • is the primary interface for finding HathiTrust content, paired with the HathiTrust Book Reader.

Page Turner

  • GnuBook is an open-source page turner.
  • We are working on the integration of GnuBook focusing on a thumbnail book page view which will allow users to scan several pages at once and identify pages with interesting features like artwork and data tables.

HathiTrust & UC-eLinks

  • UC-eLinks is University of California’s link resolver system based on the Ex Libris SFX software. We have developed a HathiTrust target for UC-eLinks, which provides the ability to link to a HathiTrust item from anywhere the UC-eLinks button appears.

Metadata Analysis

  • We are providing bibliographic metadata support for digital object ingest and linking.

Zephir, the HathiTrust Metadata Management System

  • In an effort that has highlighted the modularity of the HathiTrust repository, and the capacity for distributed development of repository infrastructure, the University of California California Digital Library has developed a new bibliographic metadata management system for HathiTrust. The new system, called Zephir, is custom-designed to the functional metadata needs of HathiTrust, providing a range of back-end services. Zephir was launched in the fall of 2013.​ Learn more...

Digital Object Validation

  • We are developing a tool to enable digital object validation of recently ingested content.
Discovery & Delivery’s HathiTrust Team
Patricia Martin CDL's Mass Digitization Steering Committee | Staff profile available
Charlie Collett Developer | Staff profile available
Dana Jemison Metadata Analyst    
Jing Jiang Developer    
Kathryn Stine Metadata Product Manager |  
Mike Thwaites Programmer & Testing Coordinator | Staff profile available
  Technical Team Manager |  
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