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My ILL Requests Help

What's New in Fall 2010

1. New Look

  • New Sign-in page
  • New Display screens

2. New Features

UC ILL users want to see items immediately upon sign-in.
    The list of items now displays upon sign-in

UC ILL users want more than 5 items in the initial display
    The default display is now ten items instead of five

UC ILL users want the link to the electronic documents on all displays
    The link now appears on the default display as well as the details display

UC ILL users want the pickup location to appear in My ILL Requests.
    The pickup location is part of the display.

Some UC ILL users want to see active & completed items, most want only active items to display
    A checkbox allows users to see all requests, (includes items that have been completed in the past 60 days)

UC ILL users want to see the date the item was shipped
    Date shipped now displays in My ILL Requests

UC ILL users want the pickup location to display
    Pick up location now displays in My ILL Requests

3. New Function


In the previous version of My ILL Requests when users canceled a request, the system sent an email to the users ILL unit and ILL staff manually canceled the request in the VDX system. In the new version the cancel button sends a message directly to VDX and initiates a “Terminate” action in VDX. The “Status” in the user’s ILL list changes to

Status: Completed: Pending
Request No Longer Required

4. More Details in ILL Status Display

See item seven below.

How do I?

1. How do I Sign-In

1. You need to have a campus IP address to login to My ILL Requests.
    If you are not on campus, first logon to your campus VPN or Proxy and then login to My ILL Requests.

2. Enter your library card/account number.
    If your home campus requires a PIN you must enter it to access My ILL Requests. The "more info" link in the My ILL Requests page contains a list of the campuses that require a PIN.

3. Choose your home campus

4. Hit ENTER on your keyboard –or–Click on the LOGIN Button

2. How do I Create a New ILL Request?

Use one of the SEARCH options to create a new ILL request

  • If you are looking for an item, but you do not have a complete citation, search for the item in the Melvyl Catalog.
  • If you already have a complete Citation, use Citation Linker to create your ILL Request

3. How do I See My Requests?

Once you have signed-in to My ILL Requests, your Requests will appear on the screen. After 15 minutes of inactivity, your session will automatically end. You will need to login again to use My ILL Requests.

4. How do I Start Over?

Click the Restart link. You will need to sign-in again. Any changes you have made to the sort options will be lost.

5. How do I Change the Record Display?

Requests Displayed Per Page

My ILL Requests automatically displays 10 items per page. You can use the menu next to the Records per page label to change the number of items. The options are 5, 10, 15, or 20 records per page.

Show Everything

Click the checkbox to see all your active ILL requests, plus ILL items you have returned in the past 60 days.

6. How do I Sort My Requests

Earliest Due Date First Due date
Oldest Requests First ILL No (low to high)
Most Recent Requests First ILL Number (high to low)
Alphabetically By Author Last Name Author
Alphabetically By Title Title

7. How do I find a description of the ILL Status?

The ILL Status list has been expanded to show the progress of the request in the ILL system. The default display shows the following ILL Statuses

New The request has not yet been authorized or processed. ("NEW" replaces the system status "IDLE".)
Pending The request has been sent to a lending library and either:
  • The request has been forwarded to another lending institution OR
  • A lending institution has indicated the item will be sent to the borrowing library
Conditional The lending library will only fill the ILL request if the borrowing library supplies additional information about the request and/or agrees to meet specified conditions.
Request No Longer Required
The user has initiated cancellation of the ILL transaction but no response has been received from potential suppliers.
Request No Longer Required
The user initiated cancellation of the ILL transaction has been acknowledged by potential suppliers and the request has been cancelled.
Shipped The lending library has shipped the item to the borrowing library.
Received The item has been received at the borrowing library
Renewal Requested The borrowing library has asked the lending library to renew the item.
Overdue/Renew Requested A request was made for the renewal of an item that is now overdue.
Overdue The borrowing library has been notified that the item is overdue.
Not-Received/Overdue The lending library has sent an overdue notice for an item that has not yet been received by the borrowing library. Please check with your local interlibrary loan office about status
Recall The item has been recalled by the lending library
Returned The item has been shipped back to the lending library.
Lost The item has been reported lost.
Completed: Pending User has successfully terminated the request.


In addition to the above ILL statuses, you will see items with a CANCELLED, COMPLETED, or a PENDING status. Requests with a COMPLETED status will remain on your requests list for 60 days from the date of completion. Requests with a PENDING status are still active.

Completed: Cancelled The cancelled request has been deactivated by ILL staff.
Completed: New The borrowing library did not submit this request to potential suppliers. This could happen for several reasons:
  • The request may have been a duplicate.
  • The material is owned and available at your home campus.
  • The material is available online.
  • The material is not available from potential suppliers

Check with your local interlibrary loan office if you have questions.

Completed: Pending Supply of the material requested was not possible.

Check with your local interlibrary loan office if you have questions.

Completed: Pending
Request No Longer Required
The user no longer requires this item, the ILL staff have de-activated the request.
Completed: Recall The record for an item recalled by the lending library has been de-activated by ILL staff.

Check with your local interlibrary loan office if you have questions.

Completed: Received The copy request was received from the lender over 30 days ago. The ILL record is inactive.
Completed: Returned The borrowing library has returned the item to the lender. The lender has received the item and it has been checked-in.
Pending The ILL transaction could not be filled by the current lending library and is being sent on to another lending library.
Request No Longer Required
User has cancelled the request before a lending library was located.

8. How do I Cancel My Request?

Click on the CANCEL link to stop your ILL transaction.

Note, this link will only appear if the item can be cancelled, for example, it will not appear if the item has been shipped to your library. If you want to cancel an item and the link does not appear, check with your library’s Interlibrary Loan department.

9. How do I Renew My Request?

Click on the RENEW link to send a message to your home library asking to renew the item. The RENEW link only appears if the item is eligible for renewal. If the item is Overdue or the lending library has indicated the book may not be renewed the RENEW link will not appear.

10. How do I View My Document?

Documents appear as hyperlinks in My ILL Requests, simply click the link to view your document. Documents are available for 30 days after the date the email notifications is sent.

Some documents do not display in My ILL Requests for technical reasons. If this happens, your library will email you, supplying a link to the document and a User ID and Password to use for accessing the document. Click the link, then enter your User ID and Password.

If you are having problems accessing your document using either of these methods, go to the Web Delivery Troubleshooting page.

11. How do I find information about ILL services on my campus?

12. How do I send feedback about My ILL Requests?

Click the Comments link on the My ILL Requests page to send us your feedback. Tell us what you like about My ILL Requests, suggest improvements, or report problems.We’d like to hear from you.

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