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Information for Melvyl® Catalog Contributors

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Specifications for Record Conversion

These documents describe the Java conversion programs, which are a step in the pre-loading processing stream that standardizes and validates union catalog records.

  • CSL DRA records [DOC]
  • UCLA Endeavor records [DOC]
  • UC Davis ExLibris records [DOC]
  • UC Santa Barbara Exibris records [DOC]
  • Innovative Interfaces INNOPAC records:
    • For multiple California Digital Library input sources [DOC]
      • Appendix GTU [DOC]
      • Appendix UC Davis law [DOC]
      • Appendix UC Riverside [DOC]
      • Appendix UC Santa Cruz [DOC]
      • Appendix UC San Diego [DOC]
      • Appendix UC San Francisco [DOC]
    • For III sources that send local data in MARC21 embedded holdings
      • UC Berkeley [DOC]
      • UC Irvine [DOC]
      • UC Merced [DOC]
  • OCLC records: For multiple CDL input sources. [DOC]
  • RLIN21 records: For multiple CDL input sources. [DOC]
  • Record output validation: For CDL Java converters. [DOC]
  • Adding 793 fields for Shared Print items [DOC]
Guide to Error Records
  • Guide to error handling for Melvyl ® Catalog input sources: Covers the reporting and handling of errors detected during the record conversion phase of the catalog input processing stream. [DOC]
FTP Information Catalog Input Liaisons
  • Catalog Input Liaisons: Names and email addresses of people serving as Catalog Input Liaisons on each campus. [DOC]
Location Table Maintenance
  • Requesting changes to the CDL location tables: Explains how to submit requests for new or changed record locations. [DOC]
  • Location change request form: Use this form to request changes to the CDL location tables. [DOC]
Union Catalog Input Standards
  • Standard for Melvyl ® Catalog input records: Defines the standards for libraries to follow when contributing records to the Melvyl ® Catalog. The document addresses such areas as record format, required maintenance data, local data format, ftp requirements, and instructions for planning changes to record input streams. [RTF]
  • Standard for minimal level MARC bibliographic records: For UC libraries. January 1, 2003 [PDF]
Last updated: March 19, 2013