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Policies, Procedures & Standards

Melvyl: Policies, Procedures & Standards

Melvyl Central Index Procedures, September 26, 2014

PDF document

Recommendations & Policies for the Inclusion of Affiliated and Non-UC Libraries in Melvyl, revised October 4, 2013

Word document

Recommendation for the Display of Regional Library Facilities (RLF) Materials in WorldCat Local, May 16, 2011

Word document
Melvyl trademark: Information about trademark protection and use of the name "Melvyl" html document
Melvyl Logos: Versions of the campus logos in web friendly, print friendly, and re-sizable formats (GIF, PNG, and EPS) html document
A Snapshot of Melvyl 5 Years into Production, July 2014 pdf document
Melvyl Snapshot: Appendix A Peer Institutions Discovery & Delivery Systems pdf document
Melvyl Snapshot: Appendix B Usage statistics 2012-14 excel document
WorldCat Local Knowledge Base (WCL KB): Summary of Features & Effort, December 2012 pdf document
Last updated: October 01, 2014