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Melvyl® Statistics

COUNTER Reports -- September 2011 through present

January - August 2013[Excel]
COUNTER statistics are not "final" until the middle of the following month
and are usually available on or around the 15th.
January - December 2012[Excel]
WCL Mobile statistics from 3/26-4/16 are incomplete; data from 4/17 on
is accurate. Also, all statistics from Oct.-Dec. 2012 may contain errors.
September - December 2011[Excel]
OCLC is aware of inaccuracies in the COUNTER statistics reports prior to
September 2011. Unfortunately, the COUNTER statistics prior to September
cannot be recalculated as OCLC does not have the raw data available.

OCLC "Page Views" Reports -- January 2010 through March 2011

The OCLC "Page Views" Reports are in Microsoft Office Excel format.

January - March 2011[Excel]
January - December 2010[Excel]
Last updated: September 18, 2013