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Usage Statistics

Older Melvyl® (WorldCat Local) Statistics

Usage Statistics: Jan 2008 - Aug 2011
Year Notes Method File
Newer statistics      
2011 (Apr – Aug) Statistics for this period were inaccurate and were not published. OCLC does not have the raw data to recalculate these statistics.


Not available
2011 (Jan – Mar) See explanation below.

OCLC Page Views

excel document
2010 See explanation below. OCLC Page Views excel document

Melvyl (Aleph) Loading Statistics.

Monthly record loading counts for contributors to Aleph Melvyl. html document

Apples & Oranges: A word on statistics prior to September 2011

The method for producing Melvyl usage statistics changed in September 2011 when OCLC started publishing COUNTER-compliant usage statistics for WorldCat Local.  Prior to this, OCLC was counting page views.

What does this mean?  This means, unfortunately, you cannot compare Melvyl statistics before September 2011 with newer statistics since the data weren’t counted the same way -- it’s apples to oranges.

Example: Page Views vs. COUNTER


January 2010 through March 2011: OCLC’s “Page Views” Reports

The criteria used to create the “Page Views” reports are specific to WorldCat Local. The number of searches counted this way cannot be directly compared to pre-WorldCat Melvyl or other databases from other vendors.

Page Views reports count searches by index, including clicks on facets, next page, previous page, search from results page, search from null results page, next/previous links, embedded search boxes from campus/CDL sites, etc.

CDL discontinued the “Page Views” reports after March 2011.

After September 2011: COUNTER Reports

OCLC began providing COUNTER-compliant usage reports in September 2011.

COUNTER-compliant reports follow an agreed-upon international set of standards and protocols. COUNTER reports can be compared across vendors since they use common criteria.

A COUNTER search is the result of a specific intellectual query submitted by a user and executed by a server. This can be done via a search form, or by clicking a hyperlinked word or name that submits a search query.

More about COUNTER...


Last updated: October 08, 2013