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What UC-eLinks Does

UC-eLinks provides a way for users to

  • Easily move from an article or book citation to the actual publication online
  • Check availability in the UC libraries
  • Request items unavailable on home campuses
  • Ask a question using Ask a Librarian

Where will you see the UC-eLinks button?

  • In broad discovery tools like library catalogs, Google Scholar, Melvyl®, campus A-Z lists, campus websites
  • In an article database like Web of Science, PubMed
  • Within the article itself (as a citation in the bibliography)
  • In an application like RefWorks, Citation Linker, or LibX

How does it work?

UC-eLinks is everywhere

Link resolvers, like UC-eLinks, put links where users are -- Google Scholar, PubMed, PsycInfo, and other popular sources.

  • Puts links everywhere with maintenance in one place.
  • Links are customized to users (for example, access codes are embedded into OpenURLs.)
  • SFX is open software that we can modify and extend functionality.

Behind the button

Check for fulltext

UC-eLinks relies on discrete pieces of data compiled into a URL. Each piece has to be accurate for the link to work. Many things can prevent a link from taking you to an article:

  • inaccurate data
  • inaccurate holdings information
  • website problems with cookies and framing and data moving on websites.

These are some hardworking links.

external linkGo directly to

external linkCitation Linker
If you already have a citation, use this form to get the publication

external linkCampus A-Z ejournal lists
ejournals licensed by each campus (plus CDL titles)

external linkCDL A-Z ejournal lists
ejournals licensed by CDL (updated weekly)

external linkbX Hot Articles
sample "tile" showing popular articles in broad subject areas

Last updated: February 23, 2016
Document owner: UC-eLinks Team