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Adding Campus Databases to UC-eLinks


When campuses add databases to UC-eLinks, all databases will be activated in the CDL instance of UC-eLinks with the same base set of services. This set is currently getDocumentDelivery, getFullTxt, getHoldings, getReference, and getWebServices. A full list of services is available on the UC-eLinks Functionality page.


  1. Databases are in alignment with the A&I customization principles.
  2. Problem solving will be easier if the same base-URL and icon URL are used by all of the vendors.
  3. Account set up and maintenance will be easier for vendors which have both CDL and campus licensed databases.


Activating a database in the CDL instance of UC-eLinks:

  1. Campus will contact the vendor and confirm that the database supports OpenURLs if the CDL doesn’t already have a relationship with the vendor.
  2. The campus will request a test account so the quality of the OpenURLs can be evaluated.
  3. The CDL will activate the source in the test instance of UC-eLinks with the base set of services.
  4. The campus will work with the vendor if enhancements are needed in the OpenURLs to improve the quality (and quantity) of services offered by UC-eLinks. The CDL will provide the campuses with testing guidelines.
  5. The campus will ask the vendor to move the OpenURL set up to the production account.
  6. The CDL will activate the source in the production instance of UC-eLinks with the base set of services.
  7. The CDL is available for consultation during all phases of the process. Contact the UC-eLinks team.
Last updated: February 23, 2016
Document owner: UC-eLinks Team