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For UC-eLinks Liaisons

Each campus has a local UC-eLinks liaison that is responsible for maintaining links to content in their campus instance of UC-eLinks.

Liaisons do testing and share information about UC-eLinks with their campuses.

UC-eLinks Liaisons

CDL contact:

Campus Liaison Email
Berkeley Jason Dezember
Katie Keyser
Sherry Lochhaas
Davis Xiaoli Li
Irvine Keith Powell
Jharina Pascual
UCLA UCLA E-resources and Acquisitions Team
Merced Jim Dooley
Riverside Carla Arbagey
Susan Trujillo
Santa Barbara Elaine McCracken
Santa Cruz Lisa Wong
San Diego Stacy Nelson
San Francisco Min-Lin Fang
Susan Boone
Last updated: May 31, 2019
Document owner: UC-eLinks Team
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UC-eLinks liaisons and administrators: Email (The CDL UC-eLinks team is on this list.)

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