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Information Services

Information Services is the first line of contact for many CDL programs and services, and an important resource for CDL's users – including campus librarians, students, faculty, and the general public. On any given day, the Information Services team members may respond to feedback from several of CDL's resources, make sure licensed content resources are up and running, write FAQs, or participate in QA testing. In addition, they make sure to stay in touch with the continuing information and communication needs of the various programs they serve.

Information Services Team
Brian David Information Services Analyst
| brian david staff profile available
Jayne Dickson Information Services Analyst
| jayne dickson staff profile available

Information Services staff provide direct and indirect support in the following areas:

Feedback Support / User Behavior Analysis
  • Respond to daily feedbacks for most CDL services such as Melvyl, UC-eLinks, Request, Calisphere, Online Archive of California and more
  • Analyze user errors/problems and notify project administrators of critical issues and emerging trends
Ongoing Resource Support / QA Testing
  • Manage CDL Helpline (510.987.0555 | inquiries
  • Participate in the operational teams for Melvyl, UC-eLinks, Request, Electronic Resources, and others that are instrumental to the continued support and improvement of CDL and vendor resources
  • Serve on CDL committees that monitor UC-licensed databases and ejournals; conduct ongoing evaluation of products
  • Send out CDLALERTS regarding online resource issues
  • Provide functional quality assurance testing for CDL products and services
Education / Outreach
  • Publish CDLINFO Newsletter, the main information conduit for notifying campus stakeholders of the latest services and resources available from the California Digital Library
  • Publicize projects to and gather input from frontline library staff at the campuses and selected California institutions (via Users Council)
  • Create CDL informational flyers, FAQs, and user guides, and host CDL's Instructional Materials web page
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