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Instructional Materials

This page includes links to instructional materials created by the California Digital Library and campus library staff. Library staff are encouraged to submit materials to Jayne Dickson.

General Information Topics

Resource Name Guide/Instruction
How to Cite Your Sources video How to Cite Your Sources (UCD) Spring 2011 [8/17]
Finding Articles video Finding Articles: How to Choose an Article Database (UCD) Summer 2013 [8/17]
Plagiarism video Avoiding Plagiarism (UCD) Spring 2011 [8/17]
Tutorials -- Sciences html view Science Information Life Cycle (UCI) [8/17]
Tutorials -- Specific Topics pdf Navigate Search Article Results in ANY UCSC Article Database (UCSC) March 2018 [3/18]
html view Evidence-Based Practice: Improving Patient Care Tutorial for a Therapy Question (UCI) January 2010 [8/17]

Library-Related Materials

Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Ask a Librarian
(QuestionPoint 24/7 reference services)
pdf view UCSB Poster April 2009 [8/17]
LibGuides doc view Your Data Counts [Data Citation] (UCR) October 2015 [8/17]
Library Home Pages doc Best Practices for UC Library Home Pages (UC) October 2010 [8/17]

Individual Resources A-Z

Resource Name Guide/Instruction
ARTstor html view ARTstor Digital Library (UCLA) August 2017 [9/17]
html view ARTstor Guide (UCSD) August 2017 [9/17]
html view ARTstor QuickStart Guide (UCB) October 2018 [10/18]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
BIOSIS Previews (ISI) video view Creating Alerts in Web of Knowledge Databases (UCB) 2010 [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
CDL html CDL Press Releases [8/17]
html Off Campus Access FAQ [8/17]
CINAHL Plus with Full Text html Setting Up Journal and Search Alerts in CINHAL (UCI) Aug. 2018 [10/18]
Compendex html Compendex Overview (UCR) July 2018 [10/18]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
EndNote html view Endnote: Getting Started LibGuide (UCD) Spring 2013 [8/17]
html view EndNote Basic Help (UCSC) [8/17]
video Importing Citations from PubMed to EndNote (UCB) 2010 [8/17]
html view Using UC-eLinks with EndNote (CDL) [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Factiva html Factiva Overview (UCLA) [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Google Scholar video Getting Full Articles from Google Scholar (UCB) May 2010 [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Landolt-Börnstein (via Portico) pdf view Using SpringerMaterials to Locate Your Landolt-Börnstein Volume and Chapter (UCSD) May 2015 [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Melvyl® (WorldCat Discovery)
Generic WCD information
doc Item bibliographic data (OCLC) 2015 [8/17]
doc FirstSearch & WorldCat Discovery differences (OCLC) 2015 [8/17]
doc Searching WorldCat Indexes (OCLC) 2015 [8/17]
Melvyl® (WorldCat Local)
Generic WCL information
html Index labels/expert search in and WorldCat Local (OCLC) [8/17]
html Index values and MARC fields in and WorldCat Local (OCLC) [8/17]
pdf FRBR Work-Set Algorithm, Version 2 (OCLC) Aug. 2009 [8/17]
doc OCLC Record Type Quick Guide (CDL) June 2011 [8/17]
Merritt pdf Merritt (UC3) User Guide Sept 2010 [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Reaxys Microsoft Word view New Reaxys Quick Start Guide (Elsevier) September 2017 [9/17]
Microsoft Word view New Heatmap Quick Start Guide (Elsevier) September 2017 [9/17]
Microsoft Word view Chemical Literature Subject Guide (UCSB) March 2016 [8/17]
HTML Reaxys - Beilstein/Gmelin/Patent Chemistry LibGuide (UCI) [8/17]
Request pdf Getting Started with Request (CDL) October 2016 [8/17]
video Melvyl ILL for Boalt Students (UCB Law) November 2013 [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
SciFinder html SciFinder at University of California (CDL) [8/17]
pdf SciFinder Scholar LibGuide (UCI) [8/17]
HTML view SciFinder LibGuide (UCSD) [8/17]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
UC-eLinks html view UC-eLinks User Guide (CDL) June 2015 [8/17]
html view Using UC-eLinks with EndNote (CDL) May 2018 [5/18]
Resource Name Guide/Instruction
Web of Science video Finding Articles Using Web of Science (UCD) Summer 2013 [8/17]
video Finding Review Articles Using Web of Science (UCD) Summer 2013 [8/17]
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