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Journal Title Searching in Melvyl

1. SIMPLE SEARCH. For a straightforward journal search, such as for the Journal of Library Automation, select Journal Title from the pulldown menu and enter any keywords from the title (e.g., journal automation) in the input box. You can also search for journals, such as Journal of Marriage and the Family, by selecting a Journal Title search and entering journal of marriage in the input box; click the Yes radio button for Words as Phrase if you want the words to appear as a phrase, exactly in order, within a record.

2.  SEARCHING WITH ABBREVIATIONS. If you have only a journal abbreviation, you can try several approaches.

a.   One is to put the abbreviation right into the Journal title input box, without any truncation marks, e.g., ann rev ecol syst for the full title, Annual review of ecology and systematics. Punctuation is optional here.
b.   Another variation of this approach is to enter the first two or three abbreviated terms in a Journal Title (exact) search followed by the truncation symbol (*), e.g., Journal Title (exact) = biochem biophys res*.

c.   Do NOT truncate all your words, e.g., ann* rev* eco* sys*, as this may cause a long search, and you may fail to retrieve any results.
d.   You can also use the abbreviations approach in Browse. For example, use Browse / Journal Title begins with... and enter your abbreviations in the input box. Browsing Journal Title begins with j am acad retrieves the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (see below).


3. SINGLE WORD TITLES. If you have a single word journal title, such as Science or Nature, the best approach is to go directly to Browse, and enter your single word title there. You need to be aware that Browse is left-anchored, so Nature needs to be the first word in the title. You cannot use quotes in Melvyl to limit to only the specific title word you wanted.

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Last updated: December 14, 2012
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