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Infrastructure and Applications Support

The Infrastructure and Application Support (IAS) team is responsible for the technical infrastructure required to create and deliver CDL services. We provide a reliable and secure platform for software development and deployment, while ensuring the best possible application performance and user experience. With a focus on efficiency and availability, we design and manage an environment that meets the demanding needs of our service delivery teams and our end users. We adopt and promote technology standards and best practices, leverage open-source solutions, and collaborate with others to create a stable, cost-effective infrastructure. We create this infrastructure to support existing and future CDL operations, with a focus on innovation and adaptability that will allow us to quickly and easily adapt to future needs and technology trends.

Infrastructure and Applications Support Services Team
Ewoldsen, Kurt Manager
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Joe Somontan System Administrator
| joe somontan staff profile available
Debra Bartling System Administrator
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Michael Urashka System Administrator
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The Infrastructure and Applications Support group is specifically responsible for:

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining, and operating the overall computing and networking resources of the CDL
  • Designing, building, operating and maintaining the technical infrastructure for CDL services
  • Partnering with technology providers to deliver a cost-effective platform for application development and deployment
  • Providing quality and timely technical support to the organization on a 24x7 basis
  • Ensuring security policy compliance and remediation as necessary
  • Delivering technology services that are highly available and recoverable
  • Collaborating with development teams to support the software development lifecycle
  • Leading by example and serving as a model for excellence in the IT field
Identifier Services Team
Ewoldsen, Kurt Manager
John Kunze Identifier Systems Architect
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