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The deeper you look, the more you discover

off site linkCalisphere provides free access to unique and historically important artifacts for research, teaching, and general exploration. Discover photographs, documents, letters, artwork, diaries, oral histories, films, advertisements, musical recordings, and more. The collections on Calisphere have been digitized and contributed by all ten campuses of the University of California and other important libraries, archives, and museums throughout the state.

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Calisphere's Relationship to the OAC

Calisphere and the Online Archive of California (OAC) serve two very different user needs. The OAC is the best starting point for research-oriented users who want to go beyond what is available online and locate the actual, physical item. For users whose primary interest is to view digitized images and documents, Calisphere is a place to explore online content.

Calisphere Team
Hui, Barbara Developer
| Staff profile available
McKinley, Matthew Metadata Harvest Programmer
Mitchell, Catherine Director
| Staff profile available
Montoya, Gabriela Contributor Support Specialist
(UC San Diego)
Schiff, Lisa Associate Director
| Staff profile available
Tingle, Brian Technical Lead, Publishing and Special Collections
| Brian Tingle staff profile available
Turner, Adrian Senior Product Manager
| Adrian Turner staff profile available
Wieliczka, Amy Developer
Last updated: August 17, 2018
Document owner: Special Collections