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User Experience Design Service

The CDL’s User Experience Design team helps ensure that CDL products and services are designed and built in the best way possible to meet users’ needs. Our approach is based upon user-centered design principles that place the need of the target audience and the usability of systems at the forefront of web design and production projects.

At the very early stages of a new project, we consult with project teams on user needs, web technologies and usability, and provide solutions that help guide product development. We offer a full range of services from assessment to user experience design to web production.

User Experience Design Team
Felicia Poe Deputy Director, Operations
| Felicia Poe staff profile available
Rachael Hu User Experience Design Manager
| Rachael Hu staff profile available
Joel Hagedorn Front-End Web Developer
| Joel Hagedorn staff profile available
John Kratz User Experience Designer
Jane Lee Senior User Experience Designer
| Jane Lee staff profile available
Alana Miller UX Content Strategist
| Alana Miller staff profile available
Eric Satzman Web Production Manager
| Eric Satzman staff profile available
Craig Thompson Web Producer
| Craig Thompson staff profile available
Last updated: August 03, 2018
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