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Managing the Archiving Process

WEST: Managing the Print Archiving Process

The following training and orientation pieces describe methods for managing the print archiving process. FAQs are also included for quick reference. These pieces are intended for use by Archive Builder staff, WEST members and other print archives staff in North America. 

  • Building an Archive for WEST Video describes how a WEST Archive Builder manages a call for holdings to complete the backfiles for a list of journals. It focuses specifically on the timeline (archive cycle) for requesting, receiving and validating holdings and the interactions between Archive Builder and contributing libraries.
  • Answering a Call for Holdings Video describes the process for answering a call-for-holdings. It describes the timing for a request for holdings from an Archive Builder and the steps a WEST member might take to respond to that request. This video is intended to help both Builders and WEST members that are willing to donate volumes (contributors) streamline the archive building process. The Answering a Call for Holdings FAQ provides a quick reference for WEST contributing libraries.
Last updated: October 10, 2017
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