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Request Form for SCP Cataloging Records for Open Access Journals

Catalog records may be requested for freely available journals that are not already in the MELVYL Catalog. Additional links may be requested for any existing SCP journals without JSC permission. Journals included in DOAJ may be proposed as well. Other than those categories, proposed journals must be indexed in a major disciplinary abstracting or indexing service, defined below. If you would like to suggest a resource that does not fit the criteria stated in that document (such as databases, websites, or monographs), contact the appropriate JSC subject liaison.

For a definition of what constitutes open access and additional information about cataloging and providing access to publicly-available items, see "Open Access Resources at the UC Libraries: Policies and Procedures for Shared Cataloging, Linking and Management".

Use this form to request the cataloging of up to ten individual titles (submit a separate request for each title). To request the cataloging of a group of more than ten titles, see the Requests for New SCP Cataloging Projects guidelines.


Step 1. Title of journal to be cataloged:


Step 2. Check the title desired in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).

SCP is in the process of cataloging over 1000 titles in this database. If you have a DOAJ title you would like to see moved up in the priority list, enter it in the box above. If not there, go to Step 3.


Step 3. URL of journal (required):

Step 4. Other. Use Comments Below

Step 5. Name of Database (required):

If the A&I service where the journal is indexed is not known, search the Ulrich's Periodical Directory to locate the database(s) that abstract and/or index the desired journal. Choose from the JSC "approved" list of sources below:

To perform a Quick Search in Ulrich's:

Step 5.1 From the drop down menu, choose a type of search (e.g., Title (Exact) or ISSN).
Step 5.2 Type your search criteria in the box.
Step 5.3 Click SUBMIT and you will arrive at the Search Result Screen.
Step 5.4 Click the highlighted text under Title for a Basic Description of the item.
Step 5.5 Select the Abstracting/Indexing & Article Access tab and select a source.
America: History and Life
Anthropology Plus
Art Abstracts
Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Chemical Abstracts
Communication abstracts
Education Full Text
Entomology Abstracts
Historical Abstracts
                       IIMP Full Text
Index of Christian Art
International pharmaceutical abstracts
Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts
MLA International Bibliography
Music Index
PAIS International
RILM Abstracts
Social Services Abstracts
Sociological Abstracts
Worldwide political science abstracts

Other (indicate in Comments below)

Step 6. Suggested subject headings for this resource (Optional):

Step 7. Comments (optional):

Step 8. Contact Information

Your Name (required)
Your email address (required)

Your UC campus affiliation:
Los Angeles
                       San Diego
San Francisco
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz

Please check here if you wish to be notified when the resource has been cataloged.


Step 9.

Information submitted via this form is subject to California Digital Library Privacy Policy.

Last updated: September 18, 2015
Document owner: Becky Culbertson