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Requests for New SCP Cataloging Projects

The SCP encourages the identification of new electronic resources appropriate for UC users, however the Program is not staffed for an infinite amount of cataloging; therefore, formal processes are in place for vetting and prioritizing the SCP workload.

The current cataloging workload can be tracked through the CDLInfo newsletter or the SCP Monthly Updates. For reference, the quarterly statistics linked from the SCP Monthly Updates page provides the most comprehensive list of packages currently cataloged by SCP.

For the cataloging of up to ten individual free titles, see “Open Access Resources at the UC Libraries: Policies and Procedures for Shared Cataloging, Linking, and Management” and the “Request Form for Open Access Journals.”

For the cataloging of a group of ten or more titles, whether free or licensed, please submit a proposal to the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Collections (JSC). Proposals may be submitted to any JSC member or to Wendy Parfrey. In the early preparation stages, members of the SCP Advisory Committee can provide advice, answer questions, and read drafts of proposals. Once recieved by a JSC member or Wendy, proposals will go forward to the JSC for approval and prioritizing. Negotiation for additional funding support may be necessary. In your proposal please address the following questions in the format shown:

1. Title of project:

2. Background information: (Please provide any background/context statements about what this project intends to accomplish.)

3. What kinds of materials do you want cataloged? (Be specific: monographs, serials, databases, maps, sound recordings, etc.)

4. What is the initial number of materials to be cataloged? (Provide estimates of how many materials are in each format and/if they are in logical groupings)

5. Are there MARC records available? ( Provide as much information as you are able to about the potential for finding existing records (vendor, pricing, record structure, etc.). If e-version records are not available, are there records available for another equivalent format (print, microform, etc.). If no MARC records are available, is there a source from which MARC records may be generated (spreadsheet of titles, etc.))

6. Will the cataloging be ongoing, if so, what is the estimated number of new titles to be cataloged per year? (Note also if there are any special ongoing maintenance needs for these new titles?)

7. How will new or on-going materials be identified and how will SCP be notified? (How will the catalogers find/identify what to catalog? (Is everything at one "gateway" URL? Or will a list be provided? Or…)

8. What standards and procedures will be followed? (Are the existing cataloging guidelines sufficient or will additions or modifications be necessary? Please cite or attach any other existing standards or procedures that can be adopted or consulted.)

9. Are there any special "hooks" you would like to have included in each record such as a special project name, subject heading, keyword, title, etc., to facilitate retrieval?

10. What timetable did you have in mind? (How urgently are these records needed? What other options have been identified for cataloging if the presented timetable cannot be met by the SCP option? Note that priorities for SCP cataloging are set by the JSC.)

11. What additional resources (staff, equipment, software, etc.) might be needed to move ahead with cataloging? (This may change over time as the project is further refined)

12. Which campuses will have access to these materials? (If appropriate, list the contact(s) at each campus)

13. Who has lead responsibility for the project? (Provide name, email address and telephone number)

14. Is there a cataloging specialist associated with this project? (Provide name, email address and telephone number)

Prepared by Linda Barnhart for the SCP Steering Committee

Created: October 17, 2001
Revised: November 28, 2011

Last updated: March 19, 2013
Document owner: Becky Culbertson